Vehicle is suitable for any kind of adventure

If you are planning adventure travel with your family, you won’t find a better vehicle than the latest MINI Countryman. This family-size SUV is your best option if you want to explore the mountains with your family.

We have been using this vehicle for some time to explore the best spots for friends and family, including coasts, forests, and mountains. The vehicle is suitable for any kind of adventure. It has room for five people and there is a luggage space of up to 1387 liters. If you like, you can customize the vehicle in more than one way to make it more stylish and practical. This car can be considered a real all-rounder, as you have the option of an all-wheel-drive and plug-in hybrid with a range of about 24 miles.

It’s an ideal vehicle if you are out to explore the biggest mountains; it helps you tackle step roads and handle curvy roads with ease. It has a spacious interior that allows you to take whatever you need for any adventure.

If you want to go hiking or mountain climbing, it has enough space for you to carry whatever climbing or hiking gear you need. Space is enough to carry the gears for the family as well. If you are in the UK, you can take the three peaks challenge. You will have to walk for a total of 21 miles and the total ascent is 3041m.

If you want to explore the peaks and the valleys, its TwinPower Turbo engines and a good chassis, which has the option of all-wheel-drive, can prove to be extremely helpful. The best way for you to explore the mountain ranges is to use zip wires. The longest zip wire in the UK is the Velocity 2 at ZipWorld in North Wales.

So, whatever adventure you plan and whether it includes climbing or hiking, or skiing, you can rely on this vehicle to help you have the experience of your life.