Private buyers due to the low running costs

Volkswagen’s latest vehicle, Tiguan R is now available with the plug-in hybrid powertrain with a range of 31 miles. The vehicle was a great addition to the brand’s lineup and it became the best selling SUV, so the expectations are even higher from the new version.

The importance of the vehicle for the company has increased, simply because it’s a plug-in hybrid. It will provide the fleet-manager-friendly CO2 ratings, which attracts businesses towards PHEVs. The vehicle will also be able to attract private buyers due to the low running costs and its 13kWH battery that can be charged regularly.

Based on the turbocharged 1.4-liter four-pot petrol engine, the powertrain is the same as in the Volkswagen Passat GTE and Skoda Superb iV. The systems outputs are 240bhp and 293lb ft deployed through the front axle.

If you want to run the vehicle on electricity only, you can select the E-Mode. It can travel for up to 29 miles on a full charge. When the battery runs out, you can use the 3.3kW wallbox and charge the battery in about 3.2 hours.

It’s all good, but you do have to compromise on some things when you purchase an electric Tiguan. The fuel tank has been shifted to the boot floor because the driver battery is quite large. This will result in the loss of the 134 liters of boot capacity, so you are left with 472 liters. The battery is quite heavy too with a weight of 133kg.

But still, it’s a good car to drive and if you drive it in the E-Mode, you will be impressed by the thrust and throttle response even at lower speeds. If you go out of town and decide to run it fast, you will be impressed with this too.

The vehicle can fit into your lifestyle quite well. It offers a pleasant drive and provides the economy as well. The space it offers is quite enough for 4 tall adults to sit comfortably. The price of the vehicle is not announced yet, so you have to wait for it.